Nutrition and Training Tips
by Dave Spindel, M.S., C.P.F.T.



QUALITY WEIGHT GAIN: For the Ectomorph


Mark (a SIX MONTH FITNESS PROGRAM client from Oceanside, NY) writes:

Regarding the dips that you prescibed in your routine for triceps, I have been doing them on a dip machine, with added weight around my waist. Another client of yours, Ed, thought that we should be doing them off of a bench. Which way do you want us to do them?

Dave's Answer

TRICEP DIPS - Perform the dips off of a dip bar, but with a spotter pushing your pelvis forward - chest out, shoulders back. Bench dips are an exagerated form of this exercise, but the problem with bench dips is getting enough weight (which must awkwardly be placed on your legs) to work with. since approximately 50% of your weight is supported by placing your feet on the other bench. By performing these on a dip bar you are, at the very least, working with 100% of your body weight (plus whatever weight that you put on the dip belt). The most important component of tricep dips is to maximize the tricep involvement by keeping the shoulders rolled back with the chest out and the hands at, or slightly behind, your body. If you roll the shoulders forward and let the pelvis go back, you will move the work towards the lower pectorals and have less tricep involvement. Obviously, the pectorals are a larger and stronger muscle group, and hence, you will find the "shoulders forward" position (a chest dip) easier to perform than the TRICEP DIPS. As an additional word of caution, to avoid shoulder injuries, it is important execute these dips in a range progressing from a straight arm (or supported) position to no more than a 90 degree bend.

By performing this exercise correctly you will get great tricep development and as a side benefit you will see your bench press strength increase.

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