2024 Drug Free Bodybuilding Events Schedule
OCB Mid Atlantic Region

  • Ban on using PAM (or aerosol cooking oils) onstage
  • Men's & Women's Physique Rules
  • Figure Rules
  • Bikini Rules
  • Bodybuilding Posing Suit Rules
  • Music Info
  • 2023 Mt. Rogers Bodybuilding, Figure, Wellness & Bikini Championships

    FAQs Competitors
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    The use of PAM (or aerosol spray cooking oil) is prohibited

    Due to the fact that it is impossible to control the “over spray” of these PAM type of sprays, which has made the pump-up area floors a slippery hazardous surface (and there have been injuries), the use of these aerosol sprays is banned for use effective with the 2005 Mt. Rogers and for all future events in the region. The price difference between them and competition oils, such as Professional Posing Oil or Muscle Sheen is no more than a few dollars. The safety of the competitors and staff is priceless. There will usually be posing oils for sale by contest vendors exhibiting at the shows for those who do not have them in advance. Please respect this rule and plan accordingly.

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    In the event that a competitor wishes to use a prop, only props that can be worn by the competitor will be permitted, during their individual routines. In no case will anyone other than the competitor be permitted on the stage during their posing routines. In addition, as always, thongs will not be permitted in the competition at any time. If you are not sure, or have further questions, please call Pam Spindel at 703-405-3036 prior to purchasing your suit for the event.
    Note: This is for bodybuilders, only. Figure suit rules are contained in the Figure Rules (see link above).

    MUSIC INFO - CD's are now preferred

    The problem with the CD technology, is that in an event where it is extremely important for the music to start immediately, CDs have to "find" the data. This is especially problematic with home recorded CDs, which sometimes can take 10 - 30 seconds (if ever) after the CD is put into the deck. Not a problem when you are in your car, but a real problem when you are standing in front of 500 or more people with dead silence. IF you are going to use a home-made CD 1) make sure that you FINALIZE the CD, and 2) play the CD on at least 3 different CD players prior to the show. If your CD does not play on our professional decks then we will simply substitute your music for a song of our choice.

    Saturday, November 23, 2024

    The 48th Annual


    Drug Free
    Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique & Bikini Championships
    an OCB Conditional Pro Qualifier

    A "live" judged show (prejudging and finals all occur during the afternoon)
    the perfect show for the athlete - the entire event is usually completed by 5PM

    Location: Freedom H.S., Woodbridge, VA
    Information: Call 703-405-3036
    E-Mail: spindelva@aol.com or dansarspin@aol.com

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